A Brief History of Batadraba Sri Sri Sankardev College
(The introduction given by Mahapursh Sri Manta Sankardev himself)
(Form 12th Skandha (Part) of Bhagawata)(Page No-964)

Bardowa Naame Grama Shayshe Mathshye Anupama
Lauhityor Ati Anukula,
Shehi Maha Grameshwara Achilanta Rajadhara
Kayastha Kulara Padmakula.
Taane Putra Sryabara Mahaa Bara Deshadhara
Dhaani Maani Parame Bishishta.
Jaar Jasha Avo Zoloi Jayanta Madhaba Doloi
Dui Bhai Jahara Kanishtha
Taane Putra Kuluddhara Bhowmika Madhyata Xara
Prashidhya Kusuma Naama Jaara.
Taane shuta shishumoti Krishna Paawe Kari Rati
Birasila Shankare Payaara.

The birth year of Sri Manta Sankardeva – 1371 Saka.
Death -1490 Saka.

Srimanta Sankara Samasta lukara
Aditya Bhoila Udaya.
Jaana Kanti Paai Agyana Andhaara
Samasta bhoi goila kshoya.
(8th Part (Skandha) Bhagawata —Gopal Charan Ata)

At Batadraba, the holy birth place of Sri Manta Sankardeva,the father figure of Assamese Community, the farsighted people of this area endeavoured to establish an institution of Higher Education in 1984. The date was 12th Feb, 1984 and the place was Batadraba S.S.S. high School of that time. There held a general meeting and it was Presided over by the then Sub Deputy Collector of Dhing Revenue Circle, Sjt. Khandakar Dev. This meeting was convened by Late Dimbeswar Baruah, Sjt. Indra Bora and as a result of this step taken by them; Batadraba Sri Sri Sankardev College was set up on 20th July, 1989. In the meeting held on 20th July, 1989 under the chairmanship of SDC of Dhing Rev. Circle, through the proposal Number 1 of the meeting Sjt. Bhogeswar Bora, the then English Subject teacher of Batadraba S.S.S.H.S.School was bestowed the charge of Principal i/c of proposed College.

Though the academic classes were not started during the session – 1989-90 due to some problems, the academic classes started from the session 1990-91. Through the proposal number four of the meeting held on under the chairmanship of executive president, Late Bakul ch. Bora, the then Principal of Batadraba S.S.S.H.S. School, the Principal i/c cum secretary of the proposal college was given charge to take departmental prior permission from G.U. to start the B.A. 1st year classes. The college was established on 21st October, 1989, and the permission from G.U.to start B.A. 1st year (Arts) was received on 17th January 1991.

Situated in the much favour of Lauhitya (The Brahmaputra) in the greater area of Batadraba, in around 50 villages, a large variety of indigenous communities are mingling and living together since history. The communities living in here are Tiwa,kaivarta,kachari,Ahoma,Koch,Nath,Keot,Kalita,Kayasta,Muslim,Garia,Moria,etc, and all these communities have shown a symbol of great Assamese community and contributed to form the great community of Assamese people. All those communities are basically agriculturist and fishermen and they are very poor by profession. Though there are a few educational institutions in this area but due to lack of higher educational institution, the younger generation of these communities were deprived of higher education. After the establishment of Batadraba Sri Sri Sankardev College the children of these poor people have met up the facilities of higher education in a cheap expense staying at home.

The old kachari state and greater Alipukhuri Batadraba area is consist of different categories of people such as SC, ST, OBC and General. Our Batadraba Sri Sri Sankardev College has been serving to the student of these areas in a low expense since its establishment. Though our college is the sole higher institution of this greater area, it has been facing problems of the lack of proper infrastructural environment since establishment. At present we have the following basic assets.

1. Land: – The academic classes (TDC Arts 1st Year) were started during the session 1990-91 in the premises of Batadraba S.S.S.H.S.School as the college did not have its own campus and infrastructure. In the beginning year, the number of students of the college was 53. During that period, a plot of land measuring 45 bighas, very near to the holy birth place of Sri Sri Sankerdev and on the bank of Santijan beel (river), under the Bhumuraguri kissam,Dag No-3 , was allotted by the Govt. of Assam in the name of Batadraba Sri Sri Sankardev College by order no RSG-220/90/28 dtd. Dispur, the 22nd Nov, 90 and NRS 312/89/18-A dtd -28/12/90(29/12/90). Situated by the side of Nagaon Bhuragaon PWD Road, the college was shifted to the new land in 1992 and the academic classes in the new set-up area started during the session 1993-94.

2. Building and classroom: – The number of students is increasing day by day. So, it is required to construct more new classes. The first constructed RCC building at the beginning of the college, measuring 120 feet X 50 feet consists of four class rooms, one office room, one staff room and Principal’s office.
There is an another Assam type house by the RCC building measuring 40’x80’ (that is half completed) which is being used as class room and temporary auditorium cum meeting hall. In one of part of the house, the college Library is being used temporarily.

Most of the students come to the college by bicycle and there is a small roof of sheet for keeping the cycles which is not sufficient for that purpose. In 2013 a girl’s common room was set up measuring 35’X15’ attached with wash room but it is not sufficient for 60% girls (402 Nos) of total students of the college. There are three urinals and 2 latrines for students in our college.

The above mentioned infrastructures are made by the contributions of MLAADS and MPLADS and from a little part of student fees provided to the college and we are trying our level best to make it a developed one. Due to shortage of proper fund, we are not able to construct a permanent library, cultural stage, auditorium and permanent concrete boundary of the college. Though we make bamboo fencing boundary of the college, but it does not last long and we are unable to save the plantation of the college and for this the plantation is not set up permanently.

3. The various recognition and orders received from G.U. , Govt. of Assam and UGC from time to time are mentioned below:

4. Prior Permission: – To open TDC 1st year (Arts) classes during the session 1990-91 order no –EC.Res.No-275/29/90 (Memo No-Att/90/115-119 dtd, 17/01/1991.

5. 1st Govt permission concurrence is accorded to start 1st year TDC classes, Memo No-B (2) H 701/92/26-A. dtd kahilipara the 19th Sep. /92.

6. 2nd permission: – To concurrence 2nd year classes and part-I for the session 1992-93 & Att, 1993-94. E.C Res.No-93/27/352 (7) dtd, 11/12/1993. Memo No-G.U/Att/93/3366-69 dtd, 22/12/93.

7. Govt concurrence: concurrence to grant permission and affiliation to continue 2nd year classes Memo No- B (2) H 702/92/A dtd 23rd Nov/94.

8. Temporary Affiliation up to TDC Part-II for the session 1994-95. E.C. Res, No 95/21/332(17) dtd 23/12/95 Memo No-G.U/Att/96dtd 31/01/96.

9. Govt Final concurrence: Govt concurrences for temporary affiliation up to TDC Part-II (Arts) for the session 1994-95 Memo No: B (2)H.702/92/80-A dtd 23rd Dec/97.

10. Permanent Affiliation: TDC Part-III (Arts) General course for the session 2010-11. E.C. Res.No-R/EC-02/2011/26 (B) (3) dtd 12/03/2011.

11. UGC Recognition: Batadraba Sri Sri Sankardev College has been included in the list of college’s prepared unclear section 2(f) & 12(B) of the UGC Act. 1956 under head”Non-Government college teaching up to Bachelor’s Degree” under UGC letter No- F.No-8-49/2014 (CPP-I/C) dtd Sep/2014(1 oC 2014) sealed dtd.

Situated near the Sri Sri Batadraba Than(The holy birth place of Sri Sri Sankardev)and Tiwa Anchalick Council Bhumuraguri, the college is the sole higher educational institution to provide education to the younger generation of the vast area comprising of SC,ST,OBC,MOBC and other General category people who are economically very poor. To make the college as a centre of excellence and a modern higher educational institution the college requires various financial grants from the departments of state govt of Assam and central govt of the country.
We hope that concerned authorities will look into our college and extend their hands to make our college a centre of excellence.